Over the past 65 years we have had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful people of the Shenandoah Valley. We count over 3,000 weddings, thousands of children, 800,000 plus students and 80,000 happy High School Graduates.


Now, after 65 years, we will be retiring and Gentry Photography will be closing on JUNE 1, 2020.


Email us with questions.


Our thanks to the thousands of customers we have photographed over the years.


Our deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks go to the past and present Gentry Photography Family. So many great staff members like Alice, Patty, Michele, Dawn, Michael, Kerry, Joe, JW, Connie, Peggy, Steve, Kim, Nancy, Cereta, Dale, Roy, John, Jennifer, Tim, Todd, Sid, Dick, Evelyn, Johnny, Frank, Missy and Lola. With your help we have been able to celebrate our 65th Anniversary.

Thank You!